Indonesian Night Market

Indonesian Night Market, or better known as INM, is one of the biggest events of PPIA UNSW and a highly anticipated event by the Indonesian community in Sydney. As its name suggests, INM is a night market which lasts 8 hours long, promoting various aspects of Indonesian culture. Set In a brightly, lit outdoor setting alike an Indonesian pasar malam, visitors of different nationalities are able to try various Indonesian cuisines and games, while accompanied by performances such as live traditional instruments, dances, dramas and a parade as well. Visitors will also get the chance to try popular, sophisticated Indonesian cuisine such as Rendang, Sate Padang, Soto Betawi, and other unique traditional dishes.

INM 2019 will be placed right in the heart of the campus, on the 3rd of April 2019, along UNSW’s main walkway, which exposes this event to an annually increasing number of visitors, be it from students studying in UNSW, or outside. Last year’s night market event, INM 2018, managed to tally over 10,000 attendees in just one day!

Rich in history and heritage, Indonesia is truly a jewel in the arts and culture of Asia. The importance of the theme that highlights Indonesia’s diverse culture and traditions can be depicted into the art forms created in each civilization.

This year, PPIA UNSW’s mission is to elaborate and showcase the height of our aesthetic tastes through Indonesian Night Market 2019, titled “Kampoeng Seroedaya”, which will create an extravagant rendezvous to an art paradise that offers an explosion of Indonesia’s plethora of artforms and culture, highlighting Indonesia’s cultural wealth through various show-stopping performances, cuisines, ornamental decorations, and last but not least, a gallery exhibition featuring Indonesia’s finest artist from different genres of art, satisfying everyone’s palette, as well as bringing them to a journey through time all in one night.

This event was not meant for only Indonesians, but rather to gather, unite and promote cultural awareness towards both Indonesian and non-Indonesian community in Sydney. Providing the biggest platform for people across the city to enjoy one extraordinary night with the highest quality standards, INM 2019 is not designed to disappoint.