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OZIP is a magazine which aims to inform, inspire and entertain. This magazine is created and driven by our love for finding out and sharing meaningful information. We believe in creating added value through our publication.

As a monthly magazine printed in a luxurious glossy paper with many coloured pages, OZIP is breaking the stereotype of community free magazine. Published monthly, OZIP provides news and information in the area of current affairs, health, culture, education, lifestyle and spiritual guides. We scour our immediate surroundings and news from trustworthy sources, to inform our readers about local and world happenings, and what it means for them. We also find out about enchanting people and stories, to expose our readers to the inspiring stories which can enrich their life, hearts and minds.

Our primary readers are affluent, intelligent, critical, and worldly Indonesians currently based in Melbourne and Australia. In addition, we also will gradually add the English version in proportion, with the intention to attract Australian readers to know better about Indonesians and Indonesia.

Our team consists of a young energetic editor, creative art designers and photographers, supported by talented journalists, qualified writers with their special interests and experiences, and a management team who has been in the marketing business for years.

Together, we strive to bring you a publication truly worthy to be the #1 brand of Indonesian community magazine in Australia.

Lydia Johan

Katrini Nathisarasia 

Ersland Roma

Patricia Vonny

Inez Johan

Katrini Nathisarasia, Rio S.Migang, Asril Wardhani, Tim Flicker, Lescha Mayseeta, Evelynd, Syafira Amadea

Maseta Pratama

Windu Kuntoro

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