Indonation 2022 – A Spirited Concert for the Environment

The Indonesian Australian Students Association (PPIA) has another event making a return after the pandemic: Indonation. PPIA RMIT held the annual charity concert event on Sunday (18/9/2022) at the Old Melbourne Gaol right at the heart of downtown Melbourne.

The Indonation event, which was known to raise funds for a variety of charity causes, focuses on the theme of environmental conservation this year. 

“Indonation [previously] has always been focused on humanity aspect,” stated Richard Irawan Soputro, the vice project officer of Indonation 2022. “But one aspect that we have not assisted in yet is our own home, our earth. Without all the nature around us, everything that we have worked on would be in vain. That is why we would like to be a pioneer for this movement.”

Raising the title “Green Utopia”, this year’s Indonation has set the goal to improve the quality of waste management in rural areas in Indonesia. To achieve this, Indonation collaborated with non-profit organisation Greeneration Foundation, which has the goal to educate the population on an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through its program EcoRanger, Greeneration Foundation has managed to educate parts of Banyuwangi, East Java, and Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

“We are focusing on Bilebante Village where they lack any form of waste management facilities,” said Michelle Karen Wilantara, project officer of Indonation 2022. “So we are trying to build these waste management facilities so that the locals can acquire better living conditions without being affected by the waste around them.”

The concert itself started on 5 PM local time, momentarily delayed due to a heavy downpour at the venue. As soon as the event kicked off, the Indonation stage was livened up by various musical performances. The sequence of concerts was opened by student musical performances such as from Moonrise and the cast of Temulawak theatrical production, expected to perform on September 24.

Following the student musical performances, Indonation also invited Indonesian musician JAZ, known for his songs “Dari Mata” (“From the Eyes”) and “Kasmaran” (“In Love”). To close the concert, the audience was presented with a DJ performance. The excitement surrounding the performances did not waver even when the venue was hit by heavy rain.

In addition to the concert held on Sunday, the Indonation committee also held various pre-events which also had the goal to raise funds, one of which is “Temen Baru Loh!” (TBL), a networking event held on August 6, 2022 at Fortress Melbourne.

“Our theme was networking while gaming together,” explained Karen. “We managed to introduce people to lots of others while also expanding their connections.”

Not just TBL, the Indonation committee also held a variety of other pre-events such as the online event “Blind Buddies” where participants can find new friends speed dating-style, and the opening of a second-hand clothes stand at the Camberwell Sunday Market.

“From our various fundraising events we have raised approximately AUD 10,000,” remarked Richard. “And we’ll make sure they will all go to our designated charity organisation.”

Relating to the enthusiasm of the committee on Indonation’s return to being an offline concert event, the two executives admit being delighted on the positive development.

“I am so excited,” said Karen, who was also committee of Indonation in the previous years. “Being able to hold offline concerts like this is so much fun since we’re able to invite more Indonesians, because they might miss watching concerts with Indonesian musicians. Being able to do offline concerts again, it’s a really good feeling.”

Richard also admits being pleased with the return of offline events. “I’m happy to get the opportunity to work with people who are willing to help.”

For the future, Richard hopes that Indonation can reach out to even more people. “I want Indonation to be able to reach more people and tackle issues that people aren’t willing to get into.”

“Indonation is supposed to be a place where people can help each other not just on simple issues, but difficult issues as well.”

Teks: Jason Ngagianto

Foto: Indonation