What Would You Do in Your Free Time?

For adults, the concept and existence of free time amidst busy schedules and meetings seem to be a far-fetched dream. Ironically, even if one wishes to, there is simply no time to dream in work. However, as much as we are limited by time and driven by work, we always need something to help us unwind. For many of us, this may take the form of hobbies – a favourite pastime to relax and explore the things that you love. Without you even knowing, your hobbies may one day turn into your occupation or even your casual job which will earn you some extra income on the side.

This time, OZIP Magazine brings you a compilation of interviews from fellow friends sharing their favourite pastime and hobbies. Who knows, some of their hobbies may be worth trying for yourself!

Muhammad Fahmy, the Bodybuilding Guru

Currently pursuing his education in Victoria Institute of Technology (VIT), Muhammad Fahmy, nicknamed Benji, spends his free time by going to the gym and exercising. His frequent visit to the gym helps keep himself in shape and is a great way to spend quality time with his friends. Even during the interview, his friendly personality prompted him to ask whether the writer is interested in signing up together where he can help with the fitness program together. “I hit the gym on alternating days from 3 – 4 times a week. It is simply refreshing to be able to let go of the day’s work while getting fit at the same time.” At one point, he was thinking of changing his study program into a fitness-centred personal training study program. However, his love for the culinary study brought him back into the original course. Despite working under the temptation of food everyday, it seems that his mental strength has kept him from breaking the nutrition routine and has done wonders in training his resistance to high calorie food.

Rosita Chau, To Run, to Yoga or to Read?

“I usually run in the early morning to help me wake up and join a yoga class in the evening to help me sleep. It seems that jogging help wake me up while yoga help me sleep.” Rosita explained that she prefers different exercise to help her with her daily activities. She finds that leading a healthy daily life helps rejuvenate her in the morning and calms her down in the evening. She does admit, though, that she sometimes finds it hard to find the perfect time. “It’s pretty hard to find time to exercise since we’re all so busy and usually sitting down for most of the day.” When that happens, she then chooses to make the best use of the time and read some books. After all, who says there can only be one hobby for each person?

Kevin Edrian, Unwinding with a Good Game

Unlike most of us who may unwind by reading or exercising, Kevin prefers letting go of his toil for the day by staying home, enjoying a warm meal and playing some good games. Kevin explained that “Gaming does take commitment and for some, it may be viewed as childish but for me it is more a way of life.” Instead of having a common hobby such as watching a movie or reading books, Kevin also explain that games combine the best of both worlds by presenting a viewer (player) driven story via visual and audio means. It is like watching a movie, only difference is that you get to decide how the story goes and how you wish to shape the outcome. Also, with so many choices to choose from, you can choose to commit into different game genres, all according to your own preference. 

Hamzah Zafar, Riding with the Wind

An alumnus of The University of Melbourne, graduating class 2018, Hamzah shared that his favourite thing to do during his free time is to drive around in his car. “There is a sense of adventure, even when you drive around the city outskirt. In fact, you do not need to drive all the way to the outback to enjoy a good outdoor experience.” He does not mind driving alone although he did admit that having the company of friends during the ride will make it much better. “During my school year, the first thing I did after finishing my exam was to ride across town with my car. It’s like a reward for my hard work.” Even though Hamzah has only been in Melbourne for 4 years, his knowledge on the scenic spots and destinations around Australia can be compared to that of a local’s, another testament to his love for outdoor adventure.

In the end, only you can decide what you wish to do with your hobby. Do you wish for it to become your everyday job but risk boredom after a while, or do you wish to keep it exclusively for your leisure time and pursue it at your own pace? The decision is yours. After all, you know best what you want out of it.

Text: Edward Tanoto
Photo: Muhammad Fahmy, Rosita Chau, Kevin Edrian & Hamzah Zafar