Şirince – The Cute Village of Izmir, Turkey

In the past years, Turkey has been growing its popularity as one of the top destinations for travelers around the world, including travelers from Indonesia. Located on both Europe and Asia continents, the country offers various charms and attractions as a tourist destination. Its strong and rich cultural background dates to more than 4,000 years ago. The country is listed as one of the largest countries in Asia, which offers various natural wonders. From the culturally rich Istanbul, the fairytale-like region of Cappadocia, the stunning cotton castle of Pamukkale, to the ancient city of Ephesus, there are lots of well-known destinations options all around Turkey.

But, for those who seek the road less traveled, Şirince might be the destination for you.

Formerly known as Çirkince, which means ‘ugly’ in Turkish, the village’s name was changed in 1926 to Şirince, which literally means ‘cute’. This cute village is part of the Izmir region. It is located about 12 km from the famous Ephesus and about 8 km from Selcuk town, which makes it a great day-tour option from both destinations.

Wine shop

The small village, which is nestled on the lush hill, is famous for the homemade fruit wines sourced from the local gardens. Hence, wine tasting is one of the activities that travelers can opt for when visiting Şirince. There are many wine shops that offer free wine tasting in the village. But while you are visiting, do not miss the opportunity to visit the oldest wine cellar in the Baptist Church of St. John. The wine prices are relatively cheap compared to other parts of Turkey.

The buildings around Şirince are traditional and unique. Most of them resemble the vernacular architectural tradition of Anatolia (peninsula of the land of the Asian part of Turkey), which was built as two-story buildings. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing houses while strolling the narrow-cobbled streets of Şirince. There are no vehicles allowed in the village center. Those who are not a fan of walking can hop on a horse and explore the village.

Sirince Bazaar

The Şirince bazaar or market is located in the village center. There are various goods and products offered in the beautiful stalls around the market. In the bazaar, travelers can buy souvenirs, handmade clothes, leather products, jewelry, and fresh fruits. There are also small traditional cafes and coffee shops within the market. The cute coffee shops will allow you to experience and taste the traditional Turkish coffee, which is brewed on a heated pan filled with sand. The coffee comes with a few bites of Turkish delight, which are jelly-like sweet delicacies made of starch and sugar.

Traditional Turkish coffee brewing

The easiest way to get to the cute village of Şirince is by renting a car or taxi. There is also public transportation option available from Selcuk town. The minibus departs from the Selcuk bus terminal every 30 minutes. The one-way fare is about TYL 13 (per June 2022). There are several bed-and-breakfasts available for travelers who want to stay overnight in Şirince. But for the day-trippers, the last bus from Şirince to Selcuk departs at around 7 PM from the bus stop (please double check with the driver to ensure).

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