Mark Your Calendar for Melbourne’s Next Sports Events!

The rush of the wind, the adrenaline pumping through your veins and the drive for victory are some of the best things you will get to experience while you power your way through the competition. Even when you are sitting and cheering on your best team to win, you feel that same rush of excitement as if you are playing it yourself. That, in itself, is the beauty of sports – it does not matter what you do or where you choose to stand, there is always a place for you to be on the sports ground. In fact, a sport stadium is the perfect place to bring your family and friends over and introduce them to the sport culture here in Melbourne. 

Amidst the busyness of work, it is good to unwind and let your inner beast loose as you cheer on your favourite player to win. If you are looking for your next sport events, you might want to consider putting these dates on your calendar:

Melbourne Marathon Festival (Birrarung Marr & MCG)

Jogging is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to keep fit and enjoy the scenery at the same time. This year, Melbourne Marathon Festival returns as Australia largest marathon event and asks you all to sign up and join in the fun! On Sunday 13th October 2019, you will have the chance to participate in a relaxing saunter (3 km), light jog (5 km), long jog (10 km), half marathon (21.1 km), or a full marathon (42.2 km). Everybody is a winner and by simply finishing the race, you will get your own medal! So what are you waiting for? It is time to get those legs moving! 

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 (Phillip Island)

That’s right! Phillip Island is not just your friendly penguin habitat per se. Held from the 25th – 27th of October 2019, the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 combines the exciting roar of wheels on asphalt and the stunning backdrop of Phillip Island into one memorable experience. If you love the sound of rubbery wheels racing and dragging across the track, you definitely should not miss out on this adrenaline-filled experience. Plus, if you are lucky, you may just see some penguins coming back onshore during the evening.

Melbourne Cup (Flemington Racecourse)

Conducted by the Victoria Racing Club, the Melbourne Cup is a definite must watch for horserace enthusiasts. Held on 5th November 2019, the Melbourne Cup will feature an intense 3,200 m race for Thoroughbred horse. As Australia’s most famous Thoroughbred horse race, the day itself has been set as a public holiday for Melbournians. So what better way to spend a holiday than to come and experience the reason for the holiday itself? Plus, there will also be colourful parades throughout the racecourse surrounding – so you are definitely in for an exciting ride!  

2019 Presidents Cup (Royal Melbourne Golf Club)

From the 9th – 15th of December 2019, the Presidents Cup will feature an intense golf competition played by international professional gold players from around the world. Ranging from the US to the European continent, watch and hold your breath as you watch the calculative game unfold before you. You will realize that there is so much more to golf than simply hitting the ball and aiming for the hole on the green. 

So strap up and ready yourself for some exciting sports months ahead. Bring your folks down to the court and enjoy some well-deserved break while you are at it too!

Text: Edward Tanoto
Photo: Various sources