7 MUST Dos for Indonesian Students Coming To Melbourne

1. Volunteer
A great activity to do which is often overlooked when coming to Australia is to volunteer. This is a way to get an insight into the local culture whilst also allowing you to help in an area that you are passionate about. Websites such as Seek.com will often list volunteer opportunities and are a good place to start if you wish to apply.

2. Join A Sporting Team
Joining a sporting team is a way to meet new friends and also stay active! The Krakatoas is an Aussie rules team for Indonesians living in Melbourne and for Australians with a strong connection to Indonesia. Joining a team like the Krakatoas will make you feel like part of the community and get you involved with activities with other local Aussie students. Your local university will also have sporting teams.

3. Make Friends With Domestic and International Students
Organisations such as the Indonesian Students Association (PPIA) are fantastic and another way to meet a supportive Indonesian community while you live in Australia. However, it is also important that you try and join other clubs and communities. There are numerous university clubs such as music clubs that are another way to make new friends and be involved in the community.

4. Ask Questions
Sometimes Australians may seem stand offish, but generally they are helpful and friendly if you’re not afraid to ask questions. Just remember to be confident and ask away.

5. Attend Community Festivals and Events
Attending community festivals and events is an exciting way to enjoy your time in Australia and it is also another chance to meet new people and interact with the local community. In Melbourne, there is no shortage of events so don’t be afraid to come along!

6. Explore Australia
One of the best things you can do while in Australia is to actually go out and explore the country. Don’t limit yourself to the big cities in Australia; there is so much to see in this vast and beautiful country. Whether it is the breathtaking blue lake in Mount Gambier (South Australia), the pristine coastline of Western Australia or gazing at the twelve Apostles in Victoria there are no shortage of things to see and do in Australia.

7. Have A Good Work Life Balance
Obviously the primary reason you have come to Australia is for education, but make sure you also leave yourself some time to have fun. If you spend the whole time studying you miss out on a range of fun opportunities. Remember to get out there and explore, jangan sampai menyesal nanti!

Tim Flicker