With the 2019 general election coming closer, it is time to put your voice into motion. A single vote can change the tide and so can you. Do not let the distance impairs you from casting your vote and losing your chance at making a difference. To that end, respectable members of Panitia Pemilihan Luar Negeri (PPLN) in Victoria have put together various facilities which are accessible for you as you go through the entire general election process, namely the registration, preparation and election procedures.

It is possible to register your name online for the general election. That’s right, there is no need for you to physically show up at the Consulate General office to register your name for the election. It is possible to check and input your name into the office database which will automatically legitimize you for a vote. To do this, you can simply visit the website and search for your name on the list of registered voters after you select the option “Cari Data Pribadi”. If your name is already registered, you have been qualified for a vote during the general election. Should you not find your name, you can also upload your particulars into the system by selecting the “Pendaftaran Pemilih” option. Once you select it, you can also choose your preferred voting method – by mail or in person.

While it is still possible to vote without prior registration, there is only a limited number of extra ballots available for distribution. Coming in without first registering yourself also means that you will have to wait for the other voters to finish their ballots before you are able to vote your own, which may take as long as 2 hours. All in all, it is better for you to prepare and register yourself before the day so as to be prioritised on the D-day itself.

Election date is on Saturday 13 April 2019. The general election will be held uniformly throughout Australia. Be sure to mark your calendar for the day of election if you do not want your voting right to go to waste. The election process itself will be held at the Indonesia Consulate General for the Republic of Indonesia (Victoria) at 72 Queens Road, 3004. Of course, if you have opted for an election by mail, you will receive a letter containing your ballot, an empty envelope for you to place the letter and a stamp for your return mail. While election date is held earlier than Indonesia (the latter being held on 17 April 2019), the starting date of the ballot count will still be on 17 April 2019. So be sure to tune in for the up-to-date result of the quick count and the final count.

Help is accessible via (03) 9525 2755 & Should you have any other query about the election, you can contact the Consulate General for the Republic of Indonesia via phone at (03) 9525 2755 or via email at This also applies during the election day itself and is especially important if you are voting by mail as there may not be immediate assistance available around you.

Aside from exercising your voting right for the future of Indonesia, you may also chance upon old friends and catch up over lost time by participating in the election. So be sure to drop by and cast your vote during the general election. After all, the voice and wisdom of the masses make for a strong nation – or as the slogan says – “Pemilih Berdaulat Negara Kuat”.    

Texts: Edward Tanoto