From Indonesian film screenings, enriching cultural experiences, to engaging forum discussions, the 15th IFF has only excitement in store

The 15th Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) Australia is back for its annual celebration of Indonesian films on 25-30 April 2020 at HOYTS Melbourne Central.

Boasting an array of commercial and art house cinema from Indonesia, IFF explores the development of Indonesian film industry throughout the years while delivering a high standard of cultural and educational entertainment to audiences of all ages.

Here are the 3 events IFF presents that will nurture your love for all things Indonesian cinema:

Under The Stars 

When : 18 April 2020

Where : Immigration Museum

What better way to kick off the largest celebration of Indonesian film culture in Australia than with an Indonesian food galore, live performances, and an open-air screening of a box office success?

You name it: Under The Stars—a mix of all three, free of charge.

Opening Night 

When : 24 April 2020

Where : State Library of Victoria

Quench the thirst of your cinephile souls by dropping in on Opening Night. With renowned directors and top-tier actors gracing the Press Conference panel and an informal networking session to call it a day, major fan-girl/boy moments are on the horizon for film enthusiasts.

Main Screenings 

When : 25-30 April 2020

Where : HOYTS Melbourne Central

Expect six whole days chock full of Indonesian cinematic masterpieces. Ranging from light-hearted comedies, heart-wrenching dramas, and political pieces that delve deep into controversy, there is one film for every taste. The post-screening Q&A sessions with the guest artists are simply the icing on the cake.

Stay tuned and follow IFF on social media to find out which iconic Indonesian films have earned a spot in IFF’s programme!