Unique Collision : Providing quality service striving for the excellence

Unique Collision is a Huntingdale-based automotive collision repair business, mostly work for people having car accidents. They provide a wide range of service from panel beating, collision repair, full detailing, and paint less dent removal. They not only serve those with insurance claims, but also private works and aimed for the best quality service for them. “What we are doing to help our customers maybe small, but it can mean a lot for them,” states Craig Patterson, Manager of Unique Collision.

For a relatively new company (established around a year ago), Unique Collision is growing rapidly. Their facilities are completed with the most sophisticated technology and all the works are done by dedicated mechanics. Unique Collision has also won a place in the hearts of its customers. Their excellent services make the customers satisfied and recommend this business to their friends, family and colleagues.

“They keep coming back and we keep getting more recommendations,” says Craig. A consequence of this powerful word-of-mouth is that they have to improve their service to meet the customer’s expectations. “But this is what we actually strive on,” Craig adds.

Craig admits that Unique Collision is still young but there is a long tradition in his family in this business. His father had a similar passion in automotive, they merged to start up Unique Collision.

A business that is based on a strong passion and a desire to serve always gives the best for its customers. “One day there was a customer just having a car accident, they had a broken glass and the car was badly damaged, so they could not drive the car to us. We drove for one hour to deliver the replacement car to them. That was 7 am in Sunday morning,” Craig says. “We are here for the customers. Whatever we got to do for the customers, we will do it.”