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July 1, 2018 posted by Ozip Team

New Paint Facility

New Paint Facility

Kabar terbaru! Kini, Unique Collision telah mengoperasikan “spray booth” atau oven untuk memanaskan mobil setelah dicat.  Bekerja sama dengan LowBake Australia, Unique Collision menggunakan fasilitas terbaru dan teknologi tercanggih untuk menghasilkan cat dengan kualitas persis seperti pabrik mobil. Dengan begitu, bertambah lagi pelayanan Unique Collision selain gratis antar-jemput mobil yang akan diperbaiki, respons cepat, tentu dengan hasil kerja terbaik untuk Panel, Cat dan Detailing.


Unique Collision has just installed state-of-the-art paint facility, in partnership with LowBake Australia.

Our brand new spray booth is a LowBake Alpha, which is at the forefront of Modern Technology.

As well a dedicated Prep Bay and a fully ventilated paint mixing room.

Which allows us to paint Modern Vehicles to Manufacturer Specifications.

In simple words…

the Prep Bay is for Priming and sanding prior to going into the Alpha Spray Booth, where the vehicle gets painted and then bake at 65 degree’s Celcius to cure the paint.

This allows for our valued clients the highest quality and service.


With our ever changing Repair Industry, Unique Collision will always be strive for excellence!


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