A Movie of Indonesian Diplomatic History

Melbourne was lucky to be the first international venue for the screening of a historical movie entitled Moonrise Over Egypt. In collaboration with TVS Films, Bioskop Australia presented this movie on Saturday, 21st April 2018 at Hoyts Melbourne Central. This screening received a massive response from Melbournians as well as Indonesian diaspora in Melbourne. Beyond expectation, a fully seated theatre was filled with excitement to witness the history of Agus Salim, our very own national hero.

Indonesian Consul General Ms. Spica Tutuhatunewa delivered an opening remarks by saying, “diplomacy is the art of negotiation”. This movie revealed the significant role of a diplomat on maintaining the relationship between Indonesia and other countries.

Directed by Pandu Adiputra, the film is an adaptation of the journey of former foreign minister Agus Salim and his delegation in Cairo. Then, Amir Sambodo as the producer stated, this film focused on the struggle of Indonesian delegations to gain de jure recognition from the Egyptian government on Indonesia’s sovereignty and independence, back in 1947.

The film stars Pritt Timothy as Agus Salim, Vikri Rahmat (AR Baswedan), Satria Mulia (HM Rasjidi), drh. Ganda (Natsir Pamuntjak), Reza Anugrah (Zein Hasan), Bhisma Wijaya (Hisyam), and Ina Marika (Zahra).


“As a Minangkabau people living in Melbourne for almost 30 years, I feel so proud after watching this movie. It gives me inspiration to be a better individual.” – Lina Siagian and Monalisa Hainsworth (Minang Saiyo Melbourne)

“From this movie I learned more about Indonesian historical figures, especially Agus Salim. One critic, Indonesian women’s role should be more visible and active, since only 3 women characters (were shown) in that movie” – Wendy Miller (Indonesianist)


By Evelynd