Serenata 2018 is an annual charity event that will be held on 25th of August by PPIA Western Australia which will be following the success of Serenata 2017. It is a celebration of culture and art which gives an overview of Bhineka Tunggal Ika and Indonesia culture and arts. This celebration will allow Indonesian, local performers and visitors to be reminded of home for a day. This year SERENATA 2018 will bring in one of the famous legendary band from Indonesia Kahitna followed by performance from other local bands.


This year we decided to choose “Urban Vision” as our theme to further explain about multiculturalism. As we all know, culture is a diverse thing in ever community. The beauty of the culture itself can be found through the uniqueness that every country has and the acceptance of those cultures. Hence it can also be said as a success through the preservation of diversified culture within an integrated society. Through this event, PPIA Western Australia to raise cultural awareness of the rich culture of Indonesian in Australia.


Our vision as an Indonesian student studying in Western Australia is to increase cultural awareness of Indonesia’s diverse culture to the local Australians and fellow Indonesian as well as to strengthen and unite the spirit of young Indonesians to work collaboratively and interdependent of each other. We believe that through small steps we can achieve great things.


SERENATA 2018 is working together with Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia or also known as Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation with the aim of trying to help Indonesians kids to recover from their illness. As we believe these kids are the future generation of Indonesia. We hope through this small act, it would help these kids to grow and help build a be future for Indonesia. All final proceed from SERENATA will be donated to this foundation.


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