September Event Checkpoints

The wintry chill may be a good time to cuddle and keep warm near the heater at home. However, it is also prime time for some of Melbourne’s most awaited and popular events. If you need some extra tips on what to look out and anticipate when it comes to September in Melbourne, you may want to check out the following events for your own September fun and entertainment:

Melbourne Fringe Festival (Around Melbourne)
12th September – 29th October 2019

Theatre, comedy, art, colourful attire and music – they all make up Melbourne Fringe Festival every year. This time, the festival returns with yet another colourful selection of events all tailored just for you. The best thing is, you will never see what is coming. Last year, the festival featured drag shows, a Shania Twain acapella choir and an amateur water ballet. If you think those are not enough to pique your interest, you may also want to know that they also brought in an interactive seesaw integrated with Siri for the public. The festival also routinely features a number of big name comedians to give you that extra laugh throughout the day. So ready yourself and jump into the crowd as you follow the festival all around the chilly outdoor of Melbourne. 

The Royal Melbourne Show (Melbourne Showgrounds, Flemington)
21st September – 1st October 2019

The Royal Melbourne Show is the perfect choice for family and friendly hangout. This seasonal event features many of Australia’s rich primary practices – especially those relating to farming and animal raising. For many, the Royal Melbourne Show may not be a new event however, this year the show will also feature robots and parades to hype up the whole engagement so if you are craving for some fresh and family friendly destination to bring your children to, you should definitely check out the Royal Melbourne Show. For fellow animal lovers, you will also love the showground. The members will also be bringing in their sheep, cows, poultries, dogs and even alpacas for you to rub and hug throughout the day. Or, if you are looking for some crowded place to get some food and sate your hunger, the showground also has a number of stores serving delicious and savoury food for you to try out. It is an all-in-one event for whatever you wish to try out so be sure to check it out! 

Cherry Hill Blossom Festival (CherryHill Orchard, Yarra valley)
26th September – 6th October 2019

You do not have to travel far to Japan to witness beautiful cherry blossoms at the start of the spring season. The CherryHill Orchard in Yarra Valley will be opening its gate for its annual cherry blossom festival. You will get to witness rows after rows of cherry blossom trees in full bloom while you try out the orchard’s own cherry blossom beverage. Feel free to pack up your picnic and bring your family out to see the beautiful lining of trees in bloom. Ready your cameras as well as it is the perfect place to get some picturesque picture of the big farm along the way. If you wish to have a more tailored taste of beverage or snack, you can also try the signature Cherish Spritzer and the cherry ice cream as you go. Ticket is $10 for adults and $5 for children but if you come in the middle of the week, children will be able to enter for free. Tickets can also be booked online, with a complimentary bottle of Cherish Spritzer as you do.

Text: Edward Tanoto

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