Mini Guardians of the Earth

Narasi Kundera Ginting

This four-years old looks at home among the vegetable patches, watering can, rakes and shovels which was lovely to see. Donning his cool cowboy hat, he sat down with OZIP to tell about his love for camping in big van and visiting the zoo. “Elephant is the cutest, (they are) my favorites”, he said.

Nara’s mum Laurensia said he is pretty much an outdoor kid and can entertain himself forever outside. Sandpit is a big hit and setting up a little tent in the backyard has been the new obsession since their camping trip to Wilson Promontory last summer.

Nara knows a thing or two about recycling. “The red bin is where to put your recycled waste likes plastic bottles,” he explained.



Andi Arung Baso-Giufre

Soft-spoken Arung might live in the city, but she’s a country girl at heart. Her parents have nurtured her love for outdoors, backyard chooks and environment thanks (partly) to her dad’s involvement with CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick.

Her dad has been working for this cool establishment since 2004 managing its various cultural programs. He said that he often took her to CERES to play in the nature before she entered school.

Arung, who turns 6 this August and is enjoying her life in the preparation class in her local primary school, is very fond of her backyard chook named Chrystal. She also likes to make up stories that her mummy then writes down in paper that she likes to illustrate with some drawing. Once a year she and family visit her dad’s hometown in Makassar, South Sulawesi where she loves to eat a lot of mie goreng.


Allegra Firman (girl in red, standing up)

Like any girl, she loves flowers, red and green. Roses and lilies. Tulips and pretty yellow weeds!

“I like water them when they are thirsty,” she chatted with us in between shooing flies that kept getting into her face.

To nurture their only daughter’s love of pretty flowers, Allegra’s parents always take her to the annual Tulip Festival and other flower festival including Rose Festival in Werribee. They also plant roses around their house, in which Allegra helps looking after.

When not stopping and smelling roses, she likes singing free style – making up the lyrics as she goes, or playing with her duplo Lego sets. 



Jackson “Jax” Hermawan

Gentle and loving brother to little sister Maia, Jax is a true little Guardian of the Earth. He keeps a compost bank and little vege patch in the backyard, loves all sorts of animals and is a vegetarian by nature. He has been refusing to eat meat, chicken and even eggs for as long as his parent can remember.

“They are all my friends,” he defended. Luckily he loves all kind of fruits and enjoys cucumber, carrot and spinach to make sure that he grow big and strong. His dad said he could smash two punnets of berries in one go.

Jax will turn five at the end of this month. When he grows up he wants to have a zoo and is going to look after it by himself. For few years now, Jax is a loyal member of the zoo and regularly visiting his animal friends.

When not attending his tomato and chilies plants, Jax likes to learn to swim or just wind down in front of TV watching Andy’s Baby Animals (a show on ABC Kids) and Pablo.


Samudro Crowe
As a kampung kid living in Jan Juc (near Torquay, about an hour down from Melbourne in case you city people have no clue about the place!), he is used to vege patch, backyard chooks and composting.

“I have two blueberry trees and a lot of strawberries and my mum has a lot of chilies plants! My chook Hen Solo died few months ago, so we only have Chook Norris and Walter Whitey now,” he said, adding that he collects their eggs to make pancakes.

When not busy jumping in the trampoline or learn to surf with his dad, Samudro loves playing with Legos and superheroes. He also has a penchant for books with silly stories and words that rhyme – the likes of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat, Wacky Wednesday, as well as Julia Donaldson’s Snail and the Whale and The Gruffalo.

“I want a lot of Legos for my (5th) birthday, but my mum thinks I have to many toys. She makes me choose two old toys to give to other kids or opshop every time I get a new one.”