Goodbye Summer and Hello Autumn

As we wave goodbye to the heatwave and scorching sunlight of the sweltering summer, it is time to prepare ourselves for autumn. Time to search for that comfy sweater and warm jacket because the temperature is about to go down from here on. Of course, the much cooler temperature is much welcomed but it is not the only reason why you should look forward to autumn. This is the season when you can step on crunchy dry leaves and realise your dream of having a picture taken amidst the falling leaves. If that does not sound like a scene from a drama, then you are definitely not watching enough drama! The question is, of course, where? And the following question is, is that all there is to autumn? Absolutely not. There are so many more to autumn that what you think. So read on and find out.

Melbourne Pink Lake

This salt lake in Westgate Park offers you the best of a lakeside view with a minor twist. Once you arrive at the park, it may take some exploring from the carpark in order for you to locate the lake. Plus, Westgate Park is also home to yet another lake. But the difference is apparent. In the freshwater lake, you will see ducks swimming around as they go about their daily lives. Occasionally, you may also notice some birds coming down to relax and drink by the lakeside. In contrast to the lively freshwater lake, the pink salt lake is devoid of aquatic inhabitants. While it may be tempting to touch the water, please do not do so. By extension, please also refrain from swimming in the water.

You might be wondering what actually causes the pink colour of the lake. Well, it is actually algae. Algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake produces a red pigment as part of its photosynthesis process due to the high salt level of the lake. Although the pink colour is usually most prominent during the hotter months, the beginning of autumn still allows you a chance to behold the beautiful colour of the lake. So before it is all gone, make sure you check out the picturesque pink lake of Westgate Park.

The Victorian Town of Bright

You have heard about the beautiful cliffs of the Great Ocean Road and you have probably had your fair share of penguins from your visit to Philip Island and the St. Kilda Beach. But that is not all there is to Melbourne. This autumn, go for a change of pace by driving your way to the Victorian town of Bright. Do not worry, the travel duration itself will be the same as a drive to the Great Ocean Road – only this time, you will be driving northeast toward the Alpine National Park and toward Canberra. Once you are nearby, it is easy to recognise this scenic town by the colourful leaves adorning the vicinity.

Stepping onto the town, you realise that the town is named “Bright” for a reason. Vibrant hue of yellow, orange and red fills your eyes as the rustle of the leaves by the wind makes for a dream-like ambiance of the entire place. Lose yourself in the moment as the gentle sway of the wind caress your cheek while you stop for some outdoor picnic with your family.

Harvest Time at Yarra Valley

Autumn is also known as harvest time for this famous wine destination. When the harvest is due, you will find that the valley turns into a beautiful view in autumn. Be it the vast vineyard, the colourful leaves adorning the trees or the pathway laden with dry crunchy leaves that crack when you step on it, you will find a whole other side to Yarra Valley this season.

Yarra Valley is also the go-to place for a good hot air balloon ride. Admire the vast land from above as you look down and behold the breathtaking view. And if you stick around long enough, you will also be greeted with a beautiful golden sunset view from the valley. What better way are there to spend the evening with your family and loved ones when you can enjoy the stunning view of the sunset by the valley?

There are many places to visit during this autumnal season. You simply need to pinpoint which ones they are. So before winter comes and we are all stuck at home huddling with our loved ones, why not get out there and make some memories?

Text and photo: Edward Tanoto