Over the past few years, Soundsekerta has become one of the most-awaited PPIA Monash annual events. Soundsekerta is the place where Indonesian or anyone who lives in Australia could express their love for Indonesian artists, music, arts and its culture. This year, PPIA Monash is proud to present Soundsekerta with a brand-new theme, “Serenade for The Nation”. We believe that this theme cultivates the belief of Indonesia as a great nation and encourage the audience to contribute more to Indonesia’s development, as well as enriching our sense of belonging to each other and our nation. This year’s Soundsekerta aims to become a social event that contributes back to the development of Indonesia and a creative vessel for Indonesian community in Australia. We also hope that this event would improve self-awareness of Indonesian young generation to preserve and introduce the culture of Indonesia to the international world.

This year Soundsekerta will bring the concept of the music festival and invite talents from various backgrounds to present our theme. Further, this year’s Soundsekerta will deliver the message of our campaign “Serenade for The Nation” through the production of web series, consisting numbers of episodes where the finale will be performed LIVE as a mini-drama on the event day, pre-event and competitions such as song cover competition and MC (Master of Ceremonies) competition. This event will also bring various singers and artists from Indonesia to perform in thousands of Melbourne crowds. PPIA Monash truly believes that having the correct mindset is the key to becoming a great nation. As such, we humbly invite you to participate in this great event, as each of your support means one step closer to realising this vision.

Soundsekerta 2018 will be held on 22 September 2018 at Melbourne Town Hall. For more information and updates on Soundsekerta 2018, you can visit our website at and also follow us on Instagram @soundsekerta or Twitter @ppiamonash and on our Facebook page PPIA Monash.

Can you guess this year’s guest stars?

By: Algie Putra