Come and Gather around with Us on the 2019 Indonesian Women’s Special Luncheon

Make sure you do not miss out on the 2019 Indonesian Women’s Special Luncheon on the 3rd of August 2019, at Crest on Barkly Hotel, 47 Barkly Street, St Kilda 3082.

For just $75.00 you will have a seat, three courses of lunch, access to a fantastic array of intriguing items at the lunch’s silent auction, live music and entertainment. Moreover, get to meet with new people and forge new friendship as the members welcome you to the sisterhood of KICI (Komunitas Ibu Cerdas Indonesia) Melbourne.

In the English language, KICI literally translates to The Community of Intelligent Indonesian Women. The community is a not-for-profit Indonesian women organisation focusing on social endeavour and charity drive to help those in need.

KICI was founded and established in 2016 by Ratih Sanggarwati. A former International Indonesian model, she was recently admitted as a parliamentary member of the Republic of Indonesia. Her fondest wish is to assist Indonesian women in being independent in both her family and society. KICI Melbourne is just one of the many KICI representatives which have successfully spread across Indonesia and around the world.

Focusing on the word “Cerdas” in KICI, the word itself is a short form for the qualities the community aim to inspire: 

C Cekatan – Skillful

E Empati – Empathic

R Religius – Religious

D Disiplin – Discipline 

A Amanah – Trustworthy 

S Santun – Polite

KICI has also successfully organised various social charities across Indonesia and Melbourne since 2016. One of them includes investing in a land for graveyard at Werribee Memorial Park in 2018. This grave is available to the family of anyone who wishes to find a proper resting place for a deceased member of the family. We have also sent donations to victims of natural disasters in Indonesia, fed the homeless by CCN (Community Care Network) and had been a supporter of The Cancer Council Australia.

Should you wish to secure your spot for the lunch, you may contact Lami Hopman at 0422 044 987.