A Motivational Evening with KUBU and Dominic Soh

Brought to you by Navanti Holding, Pencil Rocket and the 11th Space, the evening started off with a warm welcome and introduction by Dominic Soh as the event kicked off at 6:30 P.M. As participants started to fill up the common room of the 11th Space at 580 Collins Street, Melbourne, savoury bites and dinner were served to complement the evening engagement. The event was part of KUBU community’s initiative to bring in entrepreneurs in various fields to share their stories and chronicle their journey hitherto – and the evening was just about to unfold. 

Dominic, previously a Singapore international student in Melbourne, started out like many of us, an unemployed international student trying to make ends meet and pay the monthly rent. He recalled how he and his roommates were only surviving out of potato chips and sleeping on a makeshift bed while owning only a single coffee table which they shared. It was definitely not the life anyone deserved, but it might just be the necessary trigger to excellence that we all needed. After all, it all had to start somewhere – why not start with a slight push of desperation?

Dominic then proceeded to share his mantra on how one could build up the courage to take the plunge and “get comfortable being uncomfortable”:


Dominic likened segmenting a problem to running a marathon. You do not simply run a full marathon in one fell swoop after practicing for only on a single day. Instead, you will start with shorter distances (3 km, 5 km, 10 km, half marathon) before finally taking up the full challenge. The same concept is applicable when you are trying to tackle a problem that seems too big or unfamiliar. Break it down to size and think of minor solutions to minor problems – and before you know it, you will bring down the elephant!

The 40% Rule

Have you ever felt like you have given it all but it just does not work? If you do, you may be experiencing the 40% rules. It states that when you think you have given it all to no avail, you are most likely only 40% there. Perhaps this is similar to middle age crisis, an emotional state where you experience faithlessness and the feeling of loss once you hit the middle age. But as they say, a wine is most exquisite when it ages. It is definitely worth it to hang in there and put in the additional 60% effort necessary to reach your goal.


The power of sight is one of our most prized possession. When we behold something, we know that it exists and we become more motivated to own it. The same is true for ideals and goals. It is much easier to focus when you are able to picture yourself achieving your goal and celebrating the success. Before you embark on any journey – even while you are in the middle of it – be sure to visualize yourself basking in the glory of sweet victory along the way. 

Front Sight Focus

Set your sight on your goal and do not let anything distract you from it. There is only your goal and nothing else matters. A predator sets a front sight focus on its prey and tune itself out from distracting noises – the same can be emulated when you are working toward your goals.


As you make a decision, you block out the others. Making decisions help you gain more traction and set a more focused direction in which you wish to achieve your goal. You start with possibilities but as you keep making decisions, you dwindle down the possibilities and you will soon see a clearer path that you need to take to reach your goal.


We are all social creatures and we need social interaction and support. Reach out to those who can support you or those whom you can support and let them be there for you. It is much more rewarding and motivating when you know that there is someone who are rooting for you or someone whom you are toiling for.


In the game of life, will you be the boss or will you lead others toward becoming one? Whatever it is, you need to identify who you are and what your aspirations are. That way, you will have a more focused and tailored goal which reflects you own identity.


At the end of the day, planning can only go so far. It is time to put it to practice – and any time is just as good as a starting point. With that in mind, go and realize your goal, one step at a time.

As the evening concluded, it might come to mind that all of it seemed commonplace. However, sometimes you need someone to remind you of what you lose sight of, in order to regain your bearing. With that being said, go on and explore your own mantra and craft the world in your own eyes!

Text and photo: Edward Tanoto